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Foursquare relaunch shows promising early downloads

Foursquare’s planned relaunch appears to have worked in the early stages. The social location app decided to split the apps core functionalities, checking-in and discovery. Foursquare is the discovery side and a new app, Swarm is the check-in.

App stats provided by App Annie show a large amount of downloads for the new Swarm app and a large growth in downloads for Foursquare. Before the relaunch, Foursquare was starting to slump into a bad spot, under 1,000 in Top Downloaded charts.


The relaunch has put Foursquare back in the 300-400 number, this is good considering most people assume Foursquare is the same as always. Only big fans of Foursquare or people in the world of technology will recognise the big change in functionality.

Swarm has had even more success, sitting in the Top 20 for a good few months and only dropping off for a few days, before re-appearing in the charts. This shows people are interested in checking-in, even if it doesn’t fit with the Foursquare brand.


Investors and analysts still aren’t sold on the two app split, Swarm and Foursquare both bring new features and redesigned interfaces, but after six months, will both still have enough users to really amount to any success?

It’s definitely a question Foursquare should be asking, considering just a few years ago Facebook and many other companies were looking to acquire the startup. They wanted to go alone, but in five years from now, will anyone remember Foursquare or Swarm, only time will tell.

Via: VentureBeat

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