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Gmail 5.0 app to support Outlook and Yahoo

According to leaked video on Videme and Android Police, Google’s email app for Android will handle other mail services. If you are using Gmail’s mobile Android app, you will be able to tap into your Outlook and Yahoo email.

The leaked video shows a quick but revealing tour of Gmail 5.0, the new Gmail mobile email app. In the 30-second video, this next edition of Google’s mobile app exhibits a new look. The video seems to come from Google itself.

The video shows how you can switch from one account to another just by swiping the top of your smartphone’s screen.

The current Gmail app does not support other email accounts, so to make a switch you have to hop from one app to another. This new app will certainly improve the effectiveness and popularity of Gmail’s mobile app.

It is not known when this new app will appear as this is not shown in the video, but it is expected to appear in the coming weeks together with Android Lollipop, the latest version of Google’s mobile operating system.

In the video, you will see the new Material Design layout that Google showed off at its I/O in June. The new layout offer elements that dynamically shrink and expand. It also adds more white space between those elements, looks more 3D and kicks in animation.

The video also shows the Gmail 5.0 on an Android device. But Google declined to confirm the video’s authenticity only saying that they don’t respond to rumor or speculation.

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