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Google Ends Racist Listings and Retools Its Maps Services

Google has decided to put an end to racist listings and is set to retool its Maps Services to prevent inappropriate words from displaying within its search results. The search giant apologized in a blog post for all the mess. They explained that the situation accrued because their Maps use information all across the web and that the large part of the information is not vetted to be eligible to match locations to searches.

Google also added that their Map Service will get the same treatment as their Google search did to prevent so-called “Googlebombing”. They will use certain algorithms to prevent this from accruing again.

According to the blog post, the Search giant has been dedicating a lot of time and hard work to fix all the troubling issues, and building a key algorithmic change they applied in Google search. They started to update their ranking system which will gradually help and refine all the searches in Google Maps. They are taking all the necessary precautions not to see this kind of results in Google Maps and are hoping users won’t either.

Maps Services

Some theories about hacking have emerged, saying that Google Maps were subverted in a way, but as thing are right now, and those theories seem to be false. Google explains.

With that said, people tampering with Google Maps is very much true, and a major concern for the US. The concern is of high scales because US had no other choice but to shut down its Map Maker service. That service used to give the opportunity for people to contribute any way they can. It had to shut down due to many obscene edits. That includes the scene where an Android is peeing on Apple’s logo.

The shutdown is not permanent. However, there have not been any indicators to when it will be restored and running.

The issue has not been resolved yet, but hopefully Google will put an end to this with their new methods. These offensive searches are not just exclusive to the White House. It all depends upon your location; a few impolite words will land you in different places. For example, if you type in “shit hole” in NY, that term takes in Lexington Market in Maryland. However, the exactly the same search in London will take you to Tottenham on a football field. That of course is not the first time we spot this. When you search your own name, you will also see some interesting things.

Google immediately apologized for the trouble caused by their Map Service and said that they are working hard to put a stop to this and that users can expect some good results in close by time.

It is still a mystery how the search pointed out to the White House, and was it a result of somebody in Google headquarters or was it tempered by a hacker.

All we can do now is wait for the further development of the situation.

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