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Google Photo App for Unlimited Photo Storage and Video

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Last Updated: Jun 1, 2015

Google Photo App for Unlimited Photo Storage and Video

Google has launched a photo and video storage application with an unlimited storage capability. Through this new technology, the company has been able to separate the image hosting and sharing features from its Google+ social network platform that has been in the past been used for these services. The new technology from Google comes with an added advantage of an unlimited photo sharing capability. It is also compatible with various systems including iOS, desktops and Android systems. The Google photo app is more likely to revolutionize the storage and sharing of images more easily and conveniently in a number of ways namely:

Ability to Host both Images and Videos

The application can host both images and videos at a go with high efficiency. It has the ability to store up to 16 megapixels and videos shot using up to 1080p HD without compression. This ensures the photo or video is stored in near maximum resolution it was shot at hence the ability to retrieve images in their original format.

Unlimited Storage Space

Another fascinating feature of the App is its unlimited storage space. It ensures that more photos are safely stored and more space is available in case you need to store more images.

Compatibility with Social Network

Google photo App is compatible with social networks, that is, Facebook and twitter. This will to a greater extend, simplify sharing of quality photos and images as the app also store quality images and videos.

Organization of Photo

The application has the capability to organize your photos by analyzing them and sorting them into groups. It allows sharing of groups of images with people and more fascinating is that they need not to have the application themselves to receive the images. The app not only sorts out photos but also has that rare capability to identify individuals within the image caption and therefore gives one an option to track an individual over time like say how he ages over time using photos.

Organization of Photo

Ability to Tract Memorable Event

Using the application, you have the ability to pull out memorable events or moments. The application has an inbuilt capability to upload images taken in an event and group them based on how you want them grouped. For instance if you took the photos during a vacation at Masai mara national park in Kenya, searching all the images taken during the event may be grouped as “Masai mara ” will automatically lead you to the photos at a click of a button.

Security of Images and Photos

The application does not allow other Internet users to view your images and videos. It is only you who has the authority to dictate who views your stored images and who doesn’t.

Automatic Uploading

With additional download of an auto up loader to your machine Google can pick up every photo you send to your machine, sort it and store it. This enables you to store your images in an organized manner as well as easing accessible.

Auto Search of Images and Videos

The application comes with an inbuilt auto search tool, which enable searching of images based on tags and visual appearance. Google, however, advice people not to use tags on the image and rather use the visual search tool that is much easier and faster to use. The tool will show you pictorial events of recently taken photos which are more likely to be of your family members, close friends or events.


Does the app require subscription fee? No Google do all the sorting, upload and organization without any subscription fee unlike other companies offering similar services, which require a subscription fee. It synchronizes and backs up your photos maintaining the quality at no cost.

Quality of the Images

Google photo app has the ability to store high quality images up to 16MP and videos up to 1080p, which ensures the quality of the images is retained. High resolution images can therefore be stored without the fear of distorting the resolution, thanks to the new technology from Google.

Cross Plat-Form Application

The application cuts across all devices, that is, it is compatible with Android systems, iOS and computers that make it more reliable. More users can access it and you do not have to worry when you forget your iPhone at home as you can as well use your computer to get similar services.

The other feature of this app is the ability to share photos regardless of whether the other person has the application or not. It has built-in online sharing of system which allows the sharing of photos thus easing the process. With this new application we expect photo and video storage to be much easier, have a reduced cost and also ensure a backup of the photos. We no longer have to worry about losing our images as a backup is guaranteed through the Google photo app.

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