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Google Search update brings train and bus reminders

Google is pushing another update to Google Search on Android today, adding some new features to Google Now. The update is a small one, primarily looking at bug fixes, but there are a few new reminders and card updates to take a look at.

The most important part of the update is new bus and train reminders, making Google Now even smarter when it comes to public transport. This will only be available in areas where Google has been able to partner with the bus and train service.

Google Now will import the bus and train information through Gmail reservations, like it does with most of the cards. Google is still not capable of acquiring bus or train tickets through Google Now, it will only be able to remind users of the time.

The next part of the update is on flight cards, Google will now show alternative flights if there is a delay. Flight cards have become a big part of Google Now, obviously the team working on the program finds it useful for people who regularly fly.

Again, alternative information will only be available for the few flight companies who have partnered with Google. This means some flights might not be available on Google’s recommendations list, at least for now.

Google Now is slowly growing as more information and cards are added to the service. There is still no numbers on how many people actually use Google Now, but the Android team seems confident that in the future this will be a very useful virtual assistant.

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