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Google shuts down QuickOffice, updates all Drive apps

Google has announced they will officially be shutting down QuickOffice, following the announcement that Google Drive will be compatible with Microsoft Word and OpenDocument and other new features to the Google Drive apps.

QuickOffice was available on Android, select Nook tablets and Chromebooks. Before Google Drive, the QuickOffice suite allowed Android users to use Microsoft Word documents and create documents on the three Quick suite apps.

Google has never been able to make QuickOffice a success like Microsoft Office and even Google Drive. The suite has been useful for some mobile users, but a large amount simply do not know it existed and had no need for it on mobile.

In the same announcement, Google has updated all the Drive apps with a new Material Design look, alongside some added functionality. This will all be available with the Android L release, coming soon, changing the aesthetic of Android.

The new Material Design works by adding shadow, depth and animation into Android. Every part of the app has to be a level above or below another part, giving a sense of depth. Developers can now implement quick animations onto their app to move content around faster.

At Google I/O, we seen a few updates to Drive’s functionality, it will now support Microsoft Office files and will not have to change the format. It will even support PDFs for users, allowing Google Drive to work with almost all recognised formats for productivity apps.

Google Drive for Work was also enhanced, with new security encryption and fixes to make sure person and business content stayed separate, even on the same device. The prices for Google Drive were dropped for business, now available at $10 per person, per month.

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