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Great Resources For Creating Spectacular Mobile App Design

A good app design is what will make it stay longer on your customers’ phone. It will also influence your customers’ behavior as well as drive their perception.

Design goes beyond the look and feel of your app. It also encompasses the function, form and how the customers will navigate through it.


You should focus on enchanting your customers as a first priority. Remember the looks and feel are the first magnets that will help attract the customers. Another issue is about simplicity. The app needs to be simple to use.

It would be better if your app is so simple so that it doesn’t come with instructions. You also need to make the user interface to be intuitive.

Last but not least, ensure that your app is personal and at the same time helps your customers experience new ways of doing things.

These are some of the tools that can help you achieve the above goals so as to come up with a stunning mobile app.



This is a curated library of more than 2,900 iPad and iPhone user-interface patterns. It already has over 2 million views per month.



This is a free iOS design kit by InVision. It offers 138 templates with over 250 components that you can incorporate in your design and also 8 Photoshop document files

Android App Patterns


This is made specifically for Android OS. It offers over 1,600 screen shots of very beautifully designed and functional apps across 31 categories.



It is often difficult to find good quality stock photographs to use in your app or its associated microsite. This is what Unplash helps you to do. Here you will get high-res photos that are free of copyrights and you can use them the way you like.

iOS Fonts


iOS Fonts features a listing of default iOS fonts in one place having a total of 260 faces for iPad and iPhone. Just type a text in the preview box and see the result of how it appears.

Other important tools you can look at include the App Icon Template and the Lookback.

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