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Groupon introduces Yelp-like pages

In introducing Groupon Pages, Groupon seems to be taking a page from the Yelp playbook. This new feature appears to be another effort by Groupon to move away from its online coupon origins by providing more comprehensive services to small businesses.

Groupon introduces Yelp-like pages

The new Groupon Pages bear so much resemblance to online review site Yelp with basic information on hours of operation, location and how to get in touch.

The page also has a ‘tips’ section similar to ‘reviews’ section in Yelp, and there is also a place for customers to recommend the business.

Groupon wants businesses to use new Groupon Pages to communicate with customers, publish specials and gather feedback. It hopes customers will use this new feature to follow, connect with and recommend businesses.

Another feature include an opportunity for customers to “request a deal” – the only harkening on Groupon Pages to the company’s core online coupon business.

The new Groupon Pages also provides an opportunity to become a “verified” Groupon customer which qualifies certain reviewers to give feedback about a business. This is a feature that differentiates Groupon Pages from Yelp despite the similarities.

While announcing the new pages feature, Eric Lefkofsky, the CEO of Groupon said:
“Groupon Pages brings millions of additional businesses to the Groupon marketplace and connects them with our large community of mobile users looking for things to do, see or buy. We’re giving these merchants their own space on Groupon and new tools to highlight their business and bring new customers through their doors.”

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