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How Make Your Website More Visible On Local Search Results

Every business strives to be more visible everywhere including the social media. If your company has a website you need to learn how to make it more visible in the local search results.

Local search has been around for so many years now but it is surprising that many businesses are lacking in this area of online marketing.

Each local search engine has different requirements for claiming listings. They also have different set of rules guiding what you can and what you can not do in optimizing you local profiles.

Being more visible increases the number of visits to your website which will automatically lead to more customers.

A group at OptiLocal came up with the below visual to help people learn how to make your website more visible on local search results. The topics covered here include do’s and don’ts regarding citations, Google + local page optimization, on-site optimization for local businesses, getting the right kind of reviews, etc.


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