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How to protect your home network from hackers

There are lots of risks associated with the use of the Internet nowadays. Your net work can easily get compromised by just visiting an unsafe website. There are also the issues of well trained hackers who are constantly at work finding news ways to crack the security systems so as to gain access to personal information including bank account details.

And you just don’t need to protect one machine. Mobile phones, smart appliances, streaming video boxes, game consoles, etc are all vulnerable to attack.

You therefore need to tighten your security using the following ways:

1. Fortify your Wi-Fi


Change the default log-in name and passwords for your Wi-Fi router and turn on WPA or WPA2 encryption. Visit the manufacturer’s site to find out how.
Make sure your router’s firmware is up to date and register the router with the manufacturer if it is new. Registering with the manufacturer is very important as they will notify you if any security update is available.

2. Install antivirus software and ensure it is always up to date


Are you aware that one in every four PCs in the US is not running up-to-date antivirus software? Hopefully yours is not one of them. With an out-of-date software, your machine is six time more vulnerable to attack than those with the software.

3. Update your operating system often

Update your operating systems early and 4often.

Attackers usually go through your computer’s operating system, that’s why you need to be running the latest version of your operating system. When using Windows, the easiest way to keep it up to date is to set automatic updates on so it can download and install them automatically.

4. Patch your software as much as possible

Patch your software till it hurts

There are reminders to update software that usually pop up and you need to take them seriously. The updates only mean there are security holes that need to be filled. Updating software ensures that they are protected against any security threats. You can use Secuina’s free Personal Software Inspector to scan you software and install updates automatically.

5. Don’t use outdated applications

outdated applications

When software reaches the end of its commercial life, its time to move to another because the publisher will stop supporting it and it will be vulnerable to attack. For example, those who still run Windows XP are at risk of attack since Microsoft no longer supports it.

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