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How to Upgrade from Windows 7 and 8.1 to Windows 10?

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Last Updated: Sep 17, 2016


Do you remember what Microsoft is planning to release this summer? Let me help you with a bit more information on the topic, it is a software and it will be released on the 29 of July. Windows 10 is releasing by that time! Microsoft has planned a big release for the operating system. The OS may not be released until 29 July, however, you can get the pre version of the operating system. Even better, you can get your current OS system upgraded by using our guide how to do it.

How to Upgrade From Windows 7, 8.1 to Windows 10 Pre Version?

You would expect here a pretty difficult tutorial or a workaround, which you must follow in order to get the Windows 10 upgrade. I must say you are right about the second part of the sentence, however, the first one is not true. It is pretty easy to upgrade your system to Windows 10. Firstly, you need to check your system manually by yourself (not necessary, but recommended). Why is this needed and what you need to check? This is needed since most of the people who are using Windows are using a pirated version. You have to firstly check that the version that you are using currently is completely a legal edition. Why? Obviously, those who have pirated any of Microsoft’s latest OSs (Windows 7 and 8.1) can’t get the upgrade to Windows 10 for free. Seriously, what company would tolerate to have their operating system abused by pirates? I don’t know, however, if I had a company I wouldn’t let those people get the new free version of my software for free.

If you have checked and your system is completely legit, so it has not been pirated and has been registered with a valid serial using no workaround, but the official way, then you are good to go to the next step. In this step, your only thing to do is to download the “Get Windows 10 App” from one of Microsoft’s sites or stores. You have to do this in order to upgrade your version of Windows to the upcoming one. After you have downloaded the application you must open it to interact with the app. The next step is to click the button “Check your PC”. After this step, the application will screen your personal computer for different details. I know most people are not comfortable with an app screening their PCs for specific things, however, the application is not from the CIA or the MI6, it only check whether your version of Windows has been purchased legally and is genuine. So, in my opinion, if you would like to get the Windows 10 upgrade, then you should let the application by Microsoft screen your personal computer. After you have done the last step that has been mentioned in this paragraph, Windows will do a quick search for different files and characters, tags, and so on. After they have found out that your version of the operating system is genuine, they will let you upgrade it. However, as the upgrade has not been released yet, what you can only do after this step (so this will be the last step for now) is to wait for the upgrade to be released.

I think the upgrade from Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 to 10 will worth your time and hassle since Microsoft plans not to release any operating systems anymore. So, Windows 10 would be their last one, which could mean that OS would be the best of the series, so it is worth getting.

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