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HubSpot Adds Free CRM and Sales Platform to its Marketing System

HubSpot has announced the launch the launch of a free CRM system and a sales platform at its #Inbound14 conference.


HubSpot’s marketing platform is very popular and is currently used to serve 11,500 customers. With the new sales platform, the capabilities of HubSpot have been extended from the marketing department that traditionally generates and nurtures leads, to the sales department that turns leads into sales.

HubSpot CRM-Announcement

HubSpot described this move as rebrand and re-launch of its Signals tool which debuted last year. The product now has new features. It is now a browser extension that assists with connecting, prospecting and engaging potential leads.

It also features real time notifications that will tell you where, when and how prospects are engaging with you by clicking or visiting your website or opening your emails.


Brent Leary, the CRM industry analyst says what is going to be much of interest to small businesses in this launch is the HubSpot CRM system. This is because it converts leads into sales.

Leary says the HubSpot marketing platform as it today already supports lead generation. It generates, nurtures and scores the lead. But when all this has been done, the lead needs to be converted into a buyer and that is where CRM kicks in.
“A business with no CRM system will not be able to capitalize on that lead,” says Leary.


HubSpot never had a CRM system of its own but only integration with other CRM systems such as SugarCRM and SalesForce. It is the larger customers of HubSpot that have already integrated with these other systems and it is most likely that they will continue to use CRM of their choice.


It is the majority of smaller customers of HubSpot who are operating without any kind of CRM. And it is these smaller customers that this new system has been designed for. That is according to HubSpot CMO Mike Vope.

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