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New Social Network Koko Will Help You To Deal With Stress

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Last Updated: Sep 23, 2016

In this day and age, stress has basically become part of our everyday life. It affects people from all age groups and one cannot really escape its wrath. From young people dealing with anxiety from education and broken hearts to older people especially parents dealing with stress from children. At times you feel as if your life has lost meaning especially when you’ve made a very huge mistake or when things don’t go according to plan. You try not to think about it but most of the times, we always tend to think about it more than we should hence becoming stressed eventually. Things become worse when your friends start succeeding or finally getting that job that you really wanted and you feel like life is just so unfair. Social media makes things even worse since you probably get to see people flaunting their pictures everywhere.

Stress messes up with your mental health as sometimes one cannot concentrate on small matters. One is not even able to think rationally as the brain can only keep thinking about one thing. To make matters worse, one over thinks such things and ends up losing sleep over it and hence one is always taking medication such as sleeping pills in order to help one sleep. Well, in this technological world, imagine an application that helps nurture your mind and just helps keeping you calm. I introduce to you a social network called Koko. This is an app created for people suffering or going through some tough situations.

What Is Koko?

This is a network created by Robert Morris to help you during tough times. Most of the times, when we are going through some very tough times, we have no one to share them with and we are forced to bottle them inside ourselves making things worse. Some may have people to share them with but are just afraid that these so called people will not really understand and hence they are forced to go through the problems all alone.

How Does Koko Work?

Koko Work

This app works just like other networks such as Face book and Twitter. It is different in that the network does not really have a big following like the said networks and retains anonymity at all times. The users of this app usually post their problems or situations anonymously and others are invited to respond and give advice to the certain situation. This app is really good as one gets to hear from people who are in the same situations with different thoughts. The concerns are usually one or two sentences long and they appear on cards alongside a button encouraging users to help one another rethink the issue. We can reframe our thoughts though it’s not easy. The skills are not easy and to train our brains is just the hardest part of all. The brains ability to think positively even in the worst of situations is impaired.

This app works very closely with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (C.B.T) technique. This app is reframing which is mainly concerning changing how we think to kind of change our very own feelings. As we all know, stress sometimes or most times impairs our thinking ability and most of the times, we are not even able to think twice on certain decisions.

This social network usually focuses on mental health of the various users of Koko and allows people to share their problems. Most of the times, these people are usually people with similar problems. A user writes about a topic of concern to them and then sometimes writes about what is the worst scenario of the situation. The most is obviously seen by the other users and if a person feels like they can relate to that situation, they just click on the rethink button and add their thoughts on the situation.

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Koko has got some algorithms which monitor the other users’ responses in time and removes unwanted responses as sometimes people can be very mean which does not really help the situation. Currently Koko is only made available for IOS devices. People using Android should not lose hope as rumors are that it will be made available to them soon. This app is really helpful as people who are in dire need of immediate help can get the assistance they need. Sometimes when stressed, people end up thinking that it may be the end of the world and hence contemplate suicide. This app is really helpful as professionals are able to spot such people and give them immediate attention hence avoiding such catastrophic situations and saving a life. The app has really received a lot of praise from different platforms terming the app as something that has never been seen out there. People suffering from stress should try it as it could really prove useful.

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