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Whenever to want to search for something over the internet, what comes into your mind? Most probably, it must be Google.

Google has become such a very popular search engine that majority of the people are not even aware that others exist.


But one person in the name of Mike Farmer wants to turn the tables against Google. For the last almost ten years he has been trying to unseat Google from its throne. Farmer, who is based in Kansas City, has partnered with some like minded individuals to ensure that this mission is accomplished.

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“We’re pitting New York against Google,” said Farmer. He is already in talks with some publishers who agree with him that his approach to real time information discovery is something they need to take back control of their content.

But what’s the battle between publishers and search companies? Publishers or content providers feel shortchanged due to the fact that their editorial content is used by search companies to mint millions.

images on the other hand will make content and any important information to live on the publisher’s own site. Does that sound the death knell for Google? Only time will tell. was founded four years ago in Kansas City. Farmer’s latest assault at Google arose from his evolving understanding of how discovery information happens. search service displays information in a card-like visualization showing search results around a topic using real-time data. It inputs from social media as well as curated information from real people.

Using this service, you can create perspectives on topics that are updated with information from social media.


The concept attracted roughly $1.1 million in convertible financing from an angel investment showing how compelling it is.

Farmer said that search is a $16 billion industry. “Search is so vast, and in the Google world there is only one way to trip them up and that’s through the publishers and the results that we’re doing,” he said.

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