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Marketers Can Now Track You Around the Web Using Facebook, But You Can Stop It

How would you like it when ads keep popping up on your mobile device? Most people don’t like this but Facebook has allowed third-party advertisers to track your activity on mobile apps as well as the web which will result in these ads streaming to you.


What this means is that Facebook is now able to give your mobile and web browser history to its advertisers and you will begin seeing ads for products on your mobile phone.

It doesn’t sound good since most people feel that these ads are kind of a bother. But remember you can not stop Facebook from collecting data about you though Facebook can allow you to opt out of having your app and web history shared with third parties including advertising firms.
This sharing system is on by default, but you can turn it off using the following steps:

The first step is to visit a site called the Digital Advertising Alliance and disable any ad-blocker software that is shielding your browsers from cookies.


Once you made it to the home page, just scroll down until you see a box with three tabs. Select the one titled “All participating companies”.


You then scroll down that list until you find Facebook Inc. and the click on the box on the right right. You then click “Submit your choices”.


Wait for awhile then a message will appear on the screen pop-up that confirms that you have opted out.

Check the third column written “Existing Opt Outs”, if Facebook Inc. appears there then it means you have successfully opted out.


If you are using the Facebook app you will have to do this for your mobile device as well.

For Android, go to Google Settings, scroll down to ads then select “Opt Out of Interest-Based Ads”. But for iOS, go to your “Setting app”, select “General”, scroll down to “Restrictions” then toggle them on and set a passcode. Scroll down to “Privacy”, select “Advertising” then toggle the “Limit Ad Tracking”

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