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Microsoft continues the fight against U.S. government surveillance

The U.S. government has become one of Microsoft’s most well known rivals in the court room, as the cloud and services giant continues to defend user’s information and make sure the U.S. government has no front or back door entry to their services.

One of Microsoft’s top lawyers in the field,┬áBrad Smith, spoke in Washington D.C. about how surveillance and random unchecked data needs to stop and Microsoft will not stop the fight for consumers who are being targeted.

Microsoft has definitely been one of the most active companies when it comes to taking the fight to the U.S. government, while others like Google, Amazon and Facebook take a more relaxed approach, trying to wheel deals to stop government surveillance instead of actively fighting it.

It might end up costing Microsoft a ton to keep lawyers working on these cases and it is even harder for Microsoft to win when nothing can ever be published, forcing them into secret court battles, where the U.S. government tries to push their authority against Microsoft.

In the past year, Microsoft has bolstered their security against surveillance and data theft by ten-fold and many other companies are looking at ways to make sure nobody is monitoring and securing data, through any back-end technology.

Microsoft even claimed on their blog they would not investigate any sorts of private information on Outlook email accounts, even if the investigation happened to be about intellectual property that has been stolen from Microsoft.

The big push into the cloud and services comes at an opportune time for Microsoft, if they can make sure customers are at ease with security and privacy, perhaps they will be more likely to spend money on cloud storage, email storage or subscribe to Office 365, instead of using a potentially insecure service.

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