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Microsoft preparing to unify all platforms under One Windows

Developers rejoice, Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella has revealed in a conference call that the company will look to unify Microsoft’s three operating systems into “One Windows” OS, working on all device sizes with any input device.

In the next update to Windows, most likely Windows 9, Microsoft will look to implement the same developer tools and design on all three platforms. These three platforms are Windows, Windows Phone and Xbox.

Currently, a developer must create three separate apps for all three platforms. This is due to differences in input devices and differences in how the apps look, but in the future update Nadella wants the behavior of an app on Xbox and Windows to be similar.

This might mean a big change on two of the major platforms, to make way for the one Windows design UI. The Metro UI will most likely be the choice, moving Windows PC OS to full Metro UI and implementing even more Metro on Xbox One.

Satya Nadella is more interested in platforms and services for Microsoft, instead of devices. This has raised questions on the future of Xbox One, but Nadella says this is still a core business. This week, Nadella announced 18,000 job cuts, mostly to engineers coming from Nokia.

It does mean Nadella is more focused on creating cloud services and making platforms unified, something Ballmer was not interested in when serving as CEO. In the near future, we expect to see a lot more moves in the software and enterprise market from Microsoft.

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