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Mozilla sets to test tabs on Firefox

Web browser Mozilla is scheduled to test a plan on its sponsored tabs on Firefox.

This plan is about putting ads and sponsored content on boxes that will appear once the users of Firefox launch a new tab.

It will display at least nine boxes or tiles that show the screenshots of the last website or the websites frequently visited by the user.

However, not all avid Mozilla users are keen to the web browser’s plan. Many of Mozilla users are concerned about the fact of adding advertisements on the boxes.

Mozilla has assured users the new feature will not turn “logos into a mess sold only to the highest bidder.”

But the firm has assured users it is not going to turn Firefox “into a mess of logos sold to the highest bidder.”

In a blog post released by the web browser’s vice president, Johnathan Nightingale, it was affirmed that truly many of the web browsers’ users found the plan a language that is hard to decipher. The users worry about having no total control over Mozilla.

Nightingale said it’s not going to happen because that’s not who they are at Mozilla.

He further said that the tests were designed specifically to understand what Mozilla users find helpful or relevant. The new plan will also help users to efficiently ignore the parts they find not useful.

Nightingale said the tests are not about the revenue as he guarantees none will be collected. The next stage is about sponsorship and it will be what they will embark on once they are confident that they can deliver the user value.

Mozilla also previously assured its users that only the users’ location information would be used, as it will help the company provide relevant content. The company further guarantees no other user information will be further collected and considered.

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