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New Experience with Windows 10 to Try for Free

A new operating system is among us and now that most of us are past the learning curve on the Windows 8 tiles system, it’s time to enjoy some improvements. These enhancements now come to us in the form of Windows 10, the new operating system from Microsoft. Windows 10 offers new twists on the older versions that should make users happy – it’s more universal and works similarly across a wide variety of products. More importantly, casual and experienced users alike are receiving the new operating system pretty positively.

New Features

Among the features that you should check out for the new Windows 10 is the ability to stream Xbox games, improvements of many kinds for multitasking and an updated start menu that’s obviously to make a positive impression. It’s a system that feels like the mobile world in a way, but that keeps things fair to PC users. Our PCs must still feel like PCs despite the mobile world taking over, and Windows 10 seems to include the features and shortcuts that are relevant to the desktop universe, and with more precision than Windows 8 did. It’s a mix that’s hard to pull off perfectly, but this new operating system seems to be about balance and making the different devices work together efficiently.

This can prove to be relevant for work and fun as your different options in terms of devices can feel similar. Not busy doing anything complicated with your PC? Don’t worry, since Windows 10 is the kind of addition that will make its presence felt no matter if you just go through your basic computer routine under the new look. Microsoft Edge is another addition that comes with Windows 10 and is a browser that includes the ability to read more easily, use voice assistance as well as a new interesting annotations system. And on top of that naturally comes the thrill of navigating with something new and fresh, and that feeling definitely isn’t missing with Windows 10.

Windows 10 Latest

Try it for Free

Want to give it a try? Here’s more information on how to make it happen. Microsoft is offering a unique opportunity for users of Windows 7 and 8 to try it out for free. This opportunity isn’t an obligation or contract and you can go back to your old operating system if Windows 10 doesn’t end up being what you wish to use for the moment.

If your device is running an eligible device and operating system, you should get an advertisement in the system tray that enables you to begin the process. If you don’t see such an advertisement, make sure that you’ve already installed the latest Service Pack for your windows version and that might do the trick. If you don’t you might be missing out on an invitation that’s already there for you. You should also reserve some time so that the installation may complete its process as it may take an hour or more.

Before you start you may want to back up your current copy of Windows 7/8 just as prevention, and the new update should take a while before it completes. Further in the process, you will be asked to create a newly introduced PIN and shortly after you will be able to enjoy the newest features. The free upgrade should happen within one year of the release of Windows 10.

Windows 10 Install

Overall, the process put together by Microsoft seems to be going smoothly and users seems to appreciate Windows 10, both visually and in terms of functionality. If you wish to learn more about it, you can check out the new help bars or simply browse the web in your new Edge browser for some advice and discussion on the hot topics. Something like the Cortana personal voice assistant might take some practice, but each feature seems to make more and more sense with time. Microsoft took the time to make the operating system similar on various devices, so your work and research should come in handy in more than one way in the future. Of course, Microsoft’s contribution to your PC world doesn’t stop there – make sure to schedule your updates and make sure to check out the different options in that regard. Microsoft stated that the updates will be key in keeping your experience current and fully functional.

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