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New social media platforms for you

When one talks about the social media what comes in your mind must be Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter.

Most start-ups go for these platforms for their marketing campaigns because they already have large membership numbers.

But many social media platforms keep on cropping up some of which are getting so popular so fast. Good examples include Pinterest, Instagram, Vine and Snapchat.

There are other smaller but promising platforms that are worth your consideration since they may be catering to a niche of your interest. Some of them are discussed here:

Pheed is gaining so much ground because it depends so much on visuals. This is a place where users share photos, videos, live broadcasts and even text-based content. But this doesn’t come for free. Users are supposed to pay monthly a subscription fee ranging from $1.99 to $34.99.

It also offers a pay-per-view option that allows users to sell video recordings of tutorials or seminars. This helps them to gain both revenue and exposure.

Bubblews lets people make money off their social interactions. Bubblews shares its ad revenue with people who post on the site. The site already has 200,000 members and its co-founder Arvind Dixit believes that this model has great opportunity in the future.

Sulia is gaining popularity because it is a site that caters to individual’s interests. Its content is segmented by topic to make it easier for users to connect with the network they want.

Users can choose from various channels including arts, politics, entertainments, sports or music. As a user, you will serve as content curator posting links and photos to interesting stories. When you see an interesting post, you can choose to comment on it, share it on Facebook or just like it.

As a Sulia user you will earn ‘trust’ ratings from other users and this will help you post to be taken seriously.

Sharebloc is a B2B content delivery network which is focused on helping professional to grow by learning from each other.

It is more or less like LinkedIn but takes more of a content driven approach. Users submit their own articles and they are encouraged to share contents of interest that they may find on the internet. In this way, users learn from what others post just as others also learn from what they post.
This site brags of being a crowdsourcer of knowledge. It serves as a gathering place for users to post content on boards that are shared by other members. Its model follows that of Pinterest and caters for small business owners who are interested in becoming thought leaders in their respective industries.

Using this platform you can create boards that are related to your industry that can attract followers to share your content.

As you launch your startup it would be wise to consider these platforms to help extend your tentacles. Unlike the big names in social media like Facebook, these platforms are less ‘crowded’ and can give you an opportunity to get noticed easily.

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