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Paid iPhone apps that you can now get for free but only if you act fast!

Here are iOS apps that can be downloaded for free now but only if you act fast.

Time Lapse

This is an app that helps you take high quality time-lapse photos with your iPad or iPhone.


Some of its features include: Full HD quality, Realtime Preview with battery saving, Pinch to zoom gesture, etc.This app normally costs $1.99 but it’s free right now.


This is the latest addictive iOS puzzle game. Fixum switches or spins patterned game tiles to match the solution design. Fixum is now free but for a limited time; its regular price is $0.99.


My Measures & Dimensions

This is the best application for storing and sharing object dimensions. It currently boasts about 4 million users worldwide. It is great fro engineers, real estate agents, architects, carpenters, auction sellers, landscapers, construction workers, do it yourself home renovation, etc.


Some of its features include: friendly interface, support for fractions, for sharing PDF, images or projects, support for various units including imperial, Chinese, Metric and Japanese units. It usually costs $2.99 but is now available for free download.

Benjamin Jet Fighters

This is a very intense game. It features Arcade-style jet fighter combat experience. It normally costs $19.99. This fun game is now free but for a short time.



This app can help teach you to read faster. There are more than 10,000 free eBooks included in the Litz store.


It will also help you to import compatible Word documents, Google Drive, Mail, Safari or iTunes Mac application PDFs, ebooks, Pocket, and Text files from Dropbox. If you have always been hindered by its price of $4.99, you can now download it for free.

Instacast 4

This is a fully functional alternative to Apple’s podcast app. It syncs seamlessly between Mac, iPad and iPhone. It has a completely overhauled user interface that is inspired by iOS 7 in both functionality and aesthetics.


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