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Photographers can now licence their work through Flickr

Photography is a field that is growing with people joining it in numbers. It is a profession that is mainly driven by passion.

But many upcoming photographers find it a challenge to penetrate the already crowded market. You may have high quality photographs but you will not be able to make cash out of them either because you are not known or you don’t have a place to show them off.

Flickr has introduced an image sharing platform called Curated Connections. This is a platform that will give photographers an opportunity to monetize their photographs.

This Yahoo owned platform will give a level playing field to all photographers regardless of their background or experience. What will matter here is the quality of their work that will help them attract buyers.

It is not yet clear how the licensing will work but what is known is that it will be a way for even beginners to start finding market for their work.

Though the program isn’t specific about how the licensing might work, it’s clear this could be a way for even beginning independent photographers to start finding a market for their work.

It will give an opportunity to curators who work with independent photographers to share their work with those who need image content. They will pitch the content for use by editors, photo agencies and bloggers.

Flickr will just require the photographers to sign up to be considered for the program. The company is also finding ways for photographers to share content trough Yahoo channels in addition to the deals it is striking with bloggers and photo agencies. The contents can be shared through Yahoo News or Travel.

Flickr will be a blog where your photos will appear. It will be like a photo market place where visitors can see and sample what they want. The company will handle all the tedious work leaving the photographers to concentrate more on taking photos and uploading them rather than also going through the licensing process.

“Flickr’s curators are searching for exciting and credible opportunities for you to share your exceptional photography. Licensing is a great way to earn money with your photos, and whether you are new to licensing or an experienced pro, we want to make this process transparent and easy,” said Liz Lapp, the Flickr Blog, curator and content manager.

Those who have signed up will be contacted directly once they have been considered for the licensing agreement.

Flickr only facilitate the process of licensing and finding market for you. You can also decide to do this on your own as there are other channels you can use to upload and sell your work.

If you are a professional photographer, you can also sell downloads, set up your own site, showcase your work, negotiate your own licensing or just promote your photography service online.

The idea of Flickr is good but most players in this field say it will benefit more the new photographers that the experienced professionals.

Still, it is a way through which even the experienced photographers can compare their work with others and make their life easy by not worrying about the licensing process.

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