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Privacy Setting You Should Change Immediately In iOS 8

iOS 8 has new privacy settings that allow you to limit how long data is stored. It also has a number of new features tied to your location.

Before you do anything after downloading and installing iOS 8, you need to check these settings and if possible, change them:

You should limit the apps from tracking your location in the background


You would not want apps to keep tracking you location in the background even if you are not actively using them. If you see a message asking about your location, it means the app wants to keep using your location.

You will see notifications or popups depending on your location. Select “Don’t Allow” for your privacy.

Prevent the apps from accessing, uploading your data


These apps will upload your contact list to their servers. This will invade your privacy since your personal data such as emails, calendar, photos, and contacts will be uploaded to the servers where they are vulnerable to hacking.

Go to settings then Privacy and select each app then turn them on or off depending on what you want to continue using or the one you want to stop.

Enable ‘Find My iPhone’


The Find Your iPhone app will help you find your iPad or iPhone in case you lose it. The app displays on a map where your device is. Go to Setting > iCloud > Find My iPad (or iPhone) then switch it on. Your passcode may be needed to accomplish this.

Also select Send Last Location. This will make your device update Apple’s servers with its last location just before its power is completely drained.

You should also;
• Limit advertisers tracking your location and data.
• Prevent iPhone location-based tracking.
• Prevent sharing your location to others.
• Allow iMessages, voice, and video to expire over time.


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