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Reasons Why You Should Crowdsource a New Design if You Need It

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Last Updated: Dec 12, 2017

Big companies hire designers to help develop their company’s brand identity. These designers are the best suited to create a company’s colour palette, logo as well as the catch phrase that are attractive.

Hiring these experts is quite expensive and therefore most startups can not afford. At the same time they may not have a large reception area where they can display the catch phrases.


If you are a startup, the idea of crowdsourcing might interest you. Crowdsourcing is the practice of outsourcing content, ideas or services by asking for contribution from a large group of people.

Crowdsourcing is usually done online rather than through traditional service providers or employees.
The following are the reasons why crowdsourcing can be the best option for you if you are a startup:

Crowdsourcing will optimize creativity:

Reputable design firms come up with designs that they believe are the best for the clients taking in to consideration the clients’ needs, but small firms with less experience will try to make the clients happy by bending their preferences so that they can earn the business. Their designs will look good to the clients but they will not produce the desired results.

With crowdsourcing, the designers have no monetary duty to the client and they may even have very little information about the company.
This will give them room to be more creative so that their project can stand out against the hundreds of other designers competing for the same project.


Crowdsourcing will create buzz:
One of the best ways to help you get the best design is to use platforms that can allow you to run surveys and voting through social media. Let your fans and network vote on the designs. So many people can never be wrong on the same thing when they say it is good. By choosing the design with most votes you will be sure that the majority of your consumers will also like it or, put in other words, will attract more consumers to your site.

Crowdsourcing reduces cost:
As stated earlier, hiring experts will cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars and some will insist on a retainer before showing any work. They will also force you to pay for the final product whether you like it or not. If you opt for crowdsourcing you may end up paying only $299. This is quite affordable even for a startup.

Crowdsourcing eliminates overheads:
Some companies employ graphic designers on a permanent basis. This would mean they will be paid whether they work or not. Permanent employment comes with other costs such as payroll taxes, employee benefits, etc. This is costly even to big companies. If you use crowdsourcing, you will only pay for the service rendered and they have more benefits such as email campaigns, banner ads and even one-off illustrations.


Crowdsourcing increases options:
Crowdsourcing will give you access to thousands of designers with wide range of cultures and experience. This will give you several designs from which you can choose the best. If choosing the best design among hundreds is a challenge to you, there are sites like 99Designs that can help you prioritize the best designs in real time.

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