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re:fluence App now combines the features of PRWeb and Klout

You may have a press release or a great content that you want to reach out to a number of people.

Methods such as mass-blasting are not helpful enough as majority of people consider it to be spammy. What about a social campaign? This may also be dead even if it has pictures and videos if viewers fail to stumble upon it.


The best option now is to use a new service called re:fluence (standing for “relevant influencers”).


re:fluence App combines the features of PRWeb and Klout giving you both a content distribution tool and also helps you to identify the people to help you in the distribution of your content online.


re:fluence combines analytics, content management features, and topic-based search results in an influence score or proprietary “iScore”.

re:fluence measures relevance of possible influencers used on content distribution and follower relationships. You will have the ability to specify topics, keywords and tags to accurately define who you want to reach.


For the past year or so, data scientist have been refining re:fluencer’s algorithms and according to the founder, Rob Wheeler, it will be the new way to reach thought leaders be cause it is not based on a broken model of influencer scoring.

“Our technology will completely change the way influence scoring happens,” Wheeler said.

And the platform will return better data over time because it learns.


“If you’re a small business intimidated by ‘big data’, you should know software like ours can help. For example, a local caterer can use data as a springboard for strategy and finding the right social influencers, especially behavioral data. And let’s face it, small businesses aren’t going to hire a data scientist. That’s where re:fluence comes in. Also, larger enterprises can integrate the API with their systems or use the dashboard to dig very deep into analytics and find thought leaders with iScores relevant to their topics. We’re happy to share why we’re so excited, and we encourage you to become one of our beta testers,” Wheeler added.

Final touches are being put on the technology and it is most likely to be launched on October.

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