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Samsung Boosts Wi-Fi to Five times faster than best devices on the market

Samsung has developed Wi-Fi data transmission at speeds five times its current speed. It expects to start releasing devices with this enhanced technology as early as next year.

samsung wifi technology

The 60GHz Wi-Fi technology will transmit data at a speed of 575MB per second up from the current speed of only 108MB per second.

That means it will be able to transfer a 1GB movie in just three seconds. The technology will be able to stream uncompressed HD video from a mobile device onto a television without delay.

mobile device

The high speed data transfer has been achieved by eliminating co-channel interference which occurs when several smart devices are feeding off the same Internet stream.

Samsung has also improved how smart devices communicate with Wi-Fi routers. This is because Samsung has developed a wide-coverage beam antenna that is less susceptible to signal loss.

wifi zone

Samsung plans to use this new technology in smartphones and other mobile devices. But it is most likely to be used on many other devices connected to the Web too.

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