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Scheduling apps for college and high school students

Being a student demands that you be organized in everything you do from morning to evening. For you to be successful you need to plan all your activities well and be obedient enough to follow your schedule; there is no time to be wasted.

There may be so many lectures or classes to attend, assignments to be completed and even research activities to be performed. These can overwhelm a student especially if you are also involved in sporting activities or other extra-curricular activities.

It is due to poor management of time that many students end up doing their assignments at the eleventh hour. Some end up producing low quality materials or just copy what their colleagues have done.

If you are a high school or a college student, here are some apps that will make your school life to be easy:

This is great for those who like electronic to-do lists. It will help you to track your projects and tasks and check off the ones you have completed. You can use it for your essays and for planning research papers and it is customizable.


Outliner is compatible will all Mac products and it goes for $4.99 at the App store.

iScope Pro
iScope Pro helps in project planning and study group communication. It is the latest version of iPad-only app. It allows you to utilize DropBox integration tool to visualize task management lists and for documents.


Its group roster dashboard will allow you to communicate with other members of your group so you can share ideas just like you would if were meeting physically.
This app is free for all Mac products but you can upgrade it for $4.99 a month.

This is a one-stop task management app for planning your day. It features color coded activity descriptions on a full-screen calendar. It also has the ability to outline progress on a school project. In other words, it will help you to fight procrastination as its name suggests.


iProcrastinate syncs with Mac computers and DropBox for wireless connection. It is compatible with iPhone iOS or later and is able to keep track of upcoming projects, the ones that are due today or ones that are overdue. It will alert you accordingly so you can take appropriate measure.
iProcrastinate goes for $1.99 in the App store.

My Class Schedule
This is a timetable app that tracks your classes, assignments and lessons. It will send to you notifications about upcoming activities including exams.


My Class Schedule will silence your phone during class time. It is available for Android and costs $1.99 in Android’s Google Play without ads. But if you don’t mind the ads you can get a free version.

This is great for students who are into sports. The app allows coaches, team members as well as parents to communicate privately in a constant feed. It gives them an easy forum for discussing about scores, schedules and plans.

The app allows the sharing of photos because it can connect with Twitter and Facebook. It works with iPhone iOS 6 and above and also with the recent Android browsers.

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