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Sir Tim Berners-Lee Describes How The Web Started 25 Years Ago!

25 years ago, Sir Tim Berners-Lee created the World Wide Web. The importance of this date has been shrouded due to CERN releasing the system for free to anyone and everyone and the Internet already being available twenty years before that, used primarily for medical, military and government purposes.

Sir Tim Berners-LeeWhen Tim Berners-Lee originally thought of the idea of making a network where every computer in the world could talk to each other, it was pegged off as “vague but exciting” from his boss at CERN and we remember seeing a newspaper shortly after the release claiming nobody would find use for the World Wide Web.

Oh, how wrong they were, without a few years plenty of people started using the open Web, developers started learning HTML to build simple websites and businesses began taking interest on how to sell services and actual physical goods through the Web.

By the early 90’s, we already had Amazon, Google and plenty of other big website using the Web. The dotcom burst brought in millions of investors and changed people’s views on computers, from a nerdy tech gadget they almost became a necessity to get involved.

Now is the time of social networks and a move to mobile, but the Web still remains one of the most used systems in the world, with over 600 million websites and over 2 billion users globally. The Web has built Amazon, YouTube, Google, Facebook, Twitter and plenty of other websites into companies, making billions of dollars per year from the website.

Tim Berners-Lee may not have made a fortune through the Web, offering it out for free instead of making a little profit for every user and business, but he will be remembered as the key person in the history of the Web.

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