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Snowden shouldn’t be prosecuted, according to UN human rights commissioner

UN human rights commissioner, Navi Pillay, has revealed she believes Edward Snowden should not be prosecuted by the United States, for his public leaks on the NSA mass surveillance.

Pillay claims that due to Snowden, the change in discussion has prompted new net neutrality and focus on online surveillance, which would not be possible due to the US government not disclosing the spying efforts.

On the topic of Barack Obama giving an official pardon to Edward Snowden, Pillay was more hesitant to give an opinion, statingĀ “As a former judge I know that if he is facing judicial proceedings we should wait for that outcome,” Pillay might give an opinion at a later stage.

Pillay is not the first high-placed speaker to appeal for Snowden – but having a high profile UN member on Snowden’s side will definitely help his case, if the US government ever intends to give the leaker a pardon.

Others have not given an opinion or claimed due to the vast amount of information and the lacklustre reveal of information, Snowden has did more harm than good in worldwide affairs, although the revelations have obviously created popular new topics in surveillance and Internet privacy.

Snowden’s leaks continue to be published, as Glenn Greenwald and other reporters continue to file through the leaked documents to find newsworthy stories. The published information has had vast effects on country relations with the US, with reports of the German Chancellor being spied on.

Edward Snowden continues to live in Russia and will seek further asylum in the country, until a time where it is safe to come back to the United States, without having to face a trial, where he will surely be found guilty.

For all of the issues Snowden is having personally, he continues to fight for the removal of PRISM and other surveillance on the Internet. He wants more debates about the US government and net neutrality and the topic to focus less on him as a person.

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