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Escaping Social Media Addiction With Simple Social Media Detox Tips

We live in the age of technology, using a number of technological devices on a regular basis (smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc.). Social media has developed as a form of virtual socialization, but it has slowly taken over our lives.

From small children to full-grown adults, everyone seems to be spending too much time on social media. This has transformed us into people who refrain from real-life interaction, in people who prefer to voice their opinions online and not in reality.

Is that really a good thing? Perhaps it is time for social media detox so that you break your addiction and re-discover life as it should be.

#1 Take A Break From Social Media

Take A Break From Social Media
While this might prove out to be a difficult thing at first, you will definitely feel better after a couple of days spent without being active on social media. You can easily de-activate your social media accounts and find more meaningful ways to occupy your time.

Keep in mind that you might be tempted to check out your social media accounts frequently; you need to resist this temptation and concentrate on other things.

#2 Say Goodbyes To Social Media Apps

As it was mentioned at the beginning of the article, we have grown accustomed to using a wide-range of technological devices.

Well, all of these devices have social media apps, which, let’s face it; we end up checking more often than necessary.

If you are really serious about the social media detox, you might want to uninstall those social media apps.

In this way, you will no longer feel pressured to check out the latest notifications, and you will find easier to engage in other activities.

Say Goodbyes To Social Media Apps

#3 Become Free Of Social Media

Just because you have uninstalled all social media apps, this does not mean you have completed the detox.

Social media is present on your laptop and/or computer, being just as damaging. For this reason, you need to control yourself and avoid logging in on your favorite platforms.

There are web filtering tools that you can also use; these will block the social media platforms and help you go through the detox process, in a much easier manner.

Remember, it is also about getting through those first days. Then, things will become simpler, and you will no longer find social media to be all that interesting.

#4 Fill Your Time With Meaningful Activities

Fill Your Time With Meaningful Activities

Once you have eliminated social media from your life, you will definitely be surprised at how much time you have available.

Instead of giving into the old temptation and returning to social media platforms, you might want to fill your time with meaningful activities.

Go out with your friends, see a movie or eat at a new restaurant. Take a walk, read a good book or listen to your favorite music.

What matters is that you fill the space left, without feeling the need to check out the latest alerts from various social media platforms.

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#5 Real Life Interaction

Real Life Interaction

When you use social media, you are bound to choose only friends with whom you have things in common. In fact, it is a known fact that social media is all about exclusion, rather than inclusion.

If you have decided to take a break from social media, you should use this time and seek out more real-life interaction. This does not necessarily have to be with people you have things in common with.

A wise person once said that the best way to grow is to interact with people who are different from us. Follow this credo and discover new people, with a background, culture or set of opinions that are different from yours.


Social media might prove out to be an interesting experience at first but, the more time you spend on such a platform, the more harm it will generate.

People who spend increased amounts of time on these social media platforms suffer from narcissism, social isolation, and aggressive criticism.

The social media detox can help you get back on the right track, enjoying activities in real life and finding more meaningful ways to spend your time. And, let’s not forget, the socialization proposed on these platforms is anything but real.

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