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Some common Facebook scams

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Last Updated: Jan 18, 2016

All social media platforms provide opportunity for scammers to exploit users’ ignorance. Facebook is not an exception. Some posts on News Feed are quite enticing. They usually take the form of giving you a chance to know who ‘unfriended’ you or who visited your profile, among others.

Most of the scams are just like baits promising you very attractive services that actually do not exist.

Here are some scams that you might have come across on Facebook. If you have never come across them, then you better be on the lookout.

Rihanna’s sex videos
This scam has been going around for sometime now and is spreading like bush fire. For your information, there is nothing about Rihanna’s sex life that you can view on Facebook. No sex, DVD, no sex tape, and no Rihanna MP4 video.
There’s nothing! Where on earth would a person get such video to post on Facebook?

Getting free Facebook T-shirt
Some feeds will encourage you to check some people’s status updates so you can be given a free Facebook T-shirt. There is NO T-shirt being given via Facebook.

You also need to be wary of any giveaways be they iPads, Beats headphones, iPhones or any electrical gadgets. These are pure scams. If you like free things you can fall a victim to so many scams.

Total profile viewers
It is most likely that you have seen some posts on Facebook especially from your friends that they found out who viewed their profile. You find it quite interesting and you click the link to find out who visited your profile.
It could be interesting if there was software that could help you get that information but such software or app does not exist! And there is neither software nor an app that will help you know how many views your profile has received.

Scams like ‘See your top 10 profile peekers here!’ or “Find out how to see who viewed your profile” are very common. You can’t see who’s been looking at your page.

Change your Facebook Color
You may want to change the appearance of Facebook to make it look more attractive depending on you taste. Scammers will cheat you that you can do this. Facebook isn’t MySpace and therefore you can never change its main colors. The furthest you can go is just to add photos or videos.

Some also claim that you can say goodbye to Blue Facebook, but remember you can never change the hues of your Facebook. Look out for statements like “Just changed my Facebook theme. It’s amazing!” that’s a scam.

Checking if a friend has “unfriended” you
There are websites and extensions that can help you know who has deleted you on Facebook but you need to get this recommendation from a rusted website not from any link that just pops up on Facebook.

People who pretend to be desperately in need of your help
Of late, Facebook inboxes are being filled with messages from ‘girls’ claiming to like your profile giving you their emails so you can contact them (They are men who pretend to be girls and use girls’ pictures).
They claim to be residing in refugee camps (especially in Senegal – Dakar) after members of their families were killed by rebels. These scammers claim that there is some millions of dollars stashed somewhere in their name and they can’t access it without your help.

The story is long, but they want you to help them transfer the fake money to your account after which you can share with them. They will ask you to send some money to their lawyer to help process the documents. That’s where you will lose your cash!

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