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Some Excellent Open Source Enterprise IT Tools With Crazy Names

Enterprise IT is a very serious matter and despite the interesting, odd and sometimes apt names of the software projects highlighted here, they are powerful tools. This list is not exhaustive of crazy names and it is not centered on any specific area of technology.

Chaos monkey

Angry Ape

This is an infrastructure testing and failure software and service. It runs on Amazon Web Service or other clouds and identifies groups of systems and randomly terminates single systems within groups. It work is to withstand IT failures and outages and keep applications and services running.



This is a provisioning and configuration tool that has evolved into broader continuous deployment software. Chef is among the more mature open source tool in its class. It is also the basis of enhanced commercial software from Chef the vendor.


cobbler 2

This is a Linux install and update server. It speeds up tasks by reducing commands and scripting. It is mainly used together with other cloud computing and automation software. It is an open source under the GNU GPL.



This is a templating system that can be used for configuration, HTML and other files. It is used by CFEngine, an automation and continuous deployment vendor, for its file templating engine. It makes configuration file editing to be more scalable.


Pinkerton logo large

This tool allows users to view and use container images across different container infrastructure. It was born out of the Flynn open source PaaS for Docker.



This is also a provisioning automation and configuration tool. It has developed into networking, storage and continuous delivery. It is open source under Apache License. It has grown from Linux and technical circle to become a widespread tool in the enterprise.

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