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Steps to Protect Your Photos From Hackers on iCloud

Following the reports that several celebs have had their photos hacked on the iCloud, all those with photos on iCloud, nude or otherwise, are keeping their finger crossed.

Those who have fallen victims to this act include Ariana Grande, Kate Upton, Jennifer Lawrence, and a host of other high-profile celebrities.


But there is a solution; you can follow the steps below to protect your photos from hacking:

First is to find out whether Photo Stream is uploading your photos to iCloud. If it does you need to disable it. If Photo Stream is enabled you will see a My Photo Stream Album. The photos in My Photo Stream Album are stored on Appleā€™s iCloud servers and they are therefore vulnerable to hacking.

The next step is to disable the Photo Stream. But before you do that, ensure that if you had anything important backed in Photo Stream back it up elsewhere. Open the Settings app on your device then tap iCloud. Next, tap Photos or Photo Stream in iOS 6 and then manually switch off the Photo Stream feature.


You will need to switch off Photo Stream on all the devices you want protected.

If only a few of your photos are bothering you, you may not need to switch off the whole Photo Stream. In that case you can only delete those particular photos by using the edit function. Tap on the unwanted photos and delete them.

If you suspect that your iCloud password has been stolen or is easy to guess, you can change it as well. Changing password is easy, just visit My AppleID, click Manage your Apple ID, go to Password and Security and finally to Change Password.


To further protect your iCloud account you can turn on the two-factor authentication function. Just follow the step as the one used for changing password but go to Two-Step Verification and start from there.

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