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The Metrics That You Can Use To Measure YouTube Success

Many companies are now resorting to YouTube marketing to drive their sales to greater heights. YouTube is also becoming popular as an educational tool with its informative videos.

If you put a video on your website it is wise to also put it on your company’s YouTube page.

YouTube doesn’t have greatest analytics data options but the few it has can help you analyze your YouTube efforts. You need to visit the “Your Analytics” page as the first step.


At the top right corner of this page you will find the features that can be of significance for your marketing efforts, they include Groups, Download Report and Comparison.

Groups allows you to batch videos together into groups while the Download Report downloads the data into a .csv file for Excel use.

There are also other important features to the left that are worth your attention.

The most important metrics are found under the Views section, they include:

Minutes watched

This gives you an aggregated number referring to the total time that the video has been played. This will not only help you see which videos are getting the most watch time but also use the number in relation to conversions.


Playback Locations

Click the Playback Location to get metrics that will tell you where your video was viewed. It will also help you know if someone has embedded your video onto another page. This is important to help you know whether your videos are being watched in the intended regions.


This feature shows you the number of shares based on each of the major social media networks including, Twitter, Facebook and Google +.

This feature will help you get the data on the number of subscribers you have gained as well as those you have lost if you use the compare metric function.

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