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The old meets the new in Godzilla design

Director Gareth Edwards brings back Godzilla’s glory as he takes inspiration from different important references.

With just a few days left for the giant nuclear radiation infected lizard to hit the screens, its director spills information on where he based his inspiration on how the monster will look like.

According to Edwards he will not present Godzilla as an actor wearing a rubber suit as he rampages on a miniature city.

He said, he took his inspiration from nature, from creatures in J.R.R. Tolkein’s Middle Earth and, of course, the original 1954 Godzilla movie.

The director said he tried to straighten and sharpen the aspects of Godzilla as much as possible, because having a monster that is too round might make it look cute like the Muppets.

Despite trying to give Godzilla a newer look, the design team still took inspiration from Jim Henson’s creation and the Skeksis from “The Dark Crystal” back in 1982.

Godzilla’s design is inspired by many parts, including its birds of prey bearing, Komodo dragon-like hands, and gills to explain how he managed to remain underwater for a very long period of time.

The Japanese company that originally owns the rights to Godzilla required the director to keep the spikes and the four fingers in each of the monster’s hands.

One of the most noteworthy inspirations of Edwards is the best portrayer of nonhumans in this generation – Andy Serkis, whose best work is Gollum. He created and acted out Gollum from “Lord of the Rings” with a green suit and a green dotted face.

Serkis helped the postproduction team in performing the movements of the monster.

This means the Godzilla of this generation won’t look like the disappointing Godzilla of 1998. However, though it takes inspirations from the original Godzilla, it will still have its own signature features. This means, the Godzilla of this generation will have a new look that will meet the old.

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