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The power of ScheduGram, Instagram’s desktop marketing tool

If you have used Instagram via your Smartphone as part of your media marketing strategy you must have experienced some inconvenience. It is a bit difficult to write and market on Smartphone than on a desktop.

Typing long messages on a phone or even a tablet is not an easy task to many users. Matters can become more complex if you have many Instagram accounts and you have to log in and out of each as you post.

The complexity can be reduced if you could be able to schedule some images ahead of time so you can just concentrate on posting and interacting with your followers. A tool that can help you to do that has not been on Instagram.

A new tool called ScheduGram is now available for businesses that use Instagram.

ScheduGram is a web-based way to manage your Instagram marketing. ScheduGram allow small business and social media marketers to schedule out their key company product and event images to reach their Instagram followers at optimal times when there is high traffic.

Users can schedule their posts in bulk to be spread out depending on when their followers and likely to be online to respond to their posts.

ScheduGram provides a way for small businesses and marketing managers to control their Instagram account using their desktop or laptop instead of their smartphones. Using laptops or desktops is a bit easier compared to using smartphones.

And the users can plan out a marketing campaign and schedule their series images, content and video in such a way that will allow them to tell a story will more clarity.

ScheduGram saves time and doesn’t tie you to your phone trying to type and remember when you want to send out new information.

With ScheduGram, you can manage several Instagram accounts through just one interface. This means you will not need to keep logging out and logging in as you move from one account to another.
ScheduGram can manage product line accounts, business accounts and even personal accounts.

Benefits of scheduling Instagram posts with ScheduGram include; photo filter and editing applications before uploading, ability to upload photos on bulk, support for multiple accounts, and scheduling options for multiple time zones. It also allows for posting regular captions along with utilizing the first comments for relevant hashtags.

ScheduGram is charged at a monthly rate starting from $13. All the accounts start with a free trial of 7 days.

ScheduGram, just like Facebook, Linked and Twitter allows you to make good use of your time by being able to schedule before hand your content which you want to post online instead of using a Smartphone which lead to inconsistency.

It is a great asset for those who want to do social media marketing in a convenient and faster means.

You will save a lot of time by scheduling you images and writing all of the content without using a phone. Scheduled posting also ensures that the target audience is reached at a time when they are available and most probably wiling to interact.

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