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Things that may be slowing down your WiFi network

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Last Updated: Oct 28, 2021

These days, many businesses and residents in Australia are leveraging internet WiFi plans. Of course, there are a lot of DSL plans out there, but a lot of people stick with WiFi broadband because it is inexpensive and doesn’t require much hardware to set up.

One problem many people who use WiFi network experience is slow internet speed. If you are presently experiencing this issue, you are going to benefit from this article. Below are some tips on how to fix a crawling WiFi network.

Note that you don’t have to be tech-savvy or have years of experience applying the tips discussed below.

Too many devices are connected

Internet WiFi plans are a preferred option for businesses and homeowners because multiple devices can use them.

What this means is that you can connect your phone, smart light bulbs, voice assistant, and many more to your internet WiFi network. As more devices connect to your WiFi, its speed will gradually decline.

There are two distinct ways to address this issue. The first is by limiting the number of devices or appliances connected to your WiFi. The second is by investing in a high-quality router that can provide stable internet connections to multiple devices.

Old cables

Inspect the cable you are using to connect your router to your device. If you have an ethernet cable running through your home, you should inspect it to see if it is in good working condition.

Note that old network cables can transfer as much data as new ones.

Inspecting your cables isn’t as difficult as you think. In fact, you don’t even need an expert.

All you need do is to check the Cat number written on it.

  • Cat-5 means that the performance of the cable is limited to 100 megabytes per second.
  • Cat-5e signifies that the cable support up to 1,000 megabytes per second.
  • Cat-6/6a – this is the fastest cable right now. It spurs up to 10,000 GB per second.

If you are presently using Cat-5 cables, you are going to have a slow internet connection.

As you likely know, internet cables are delicate, so make sure you handle them with care. And if you suspect that your cable is faulty, you should use a cable tester to inspect it. The cable tester can accurately tell if the wire inside the cable is in good condition.

Your provider may be throttling your speed

Many ISPs purposely reduce the internet speed of their customers when they reach a certain data threshold or when they detect that they are using file-sharing programs and applications.

There are two things you can do to address this issue. The first is to use VPN, especially when using file-sharing apps. The second is to contact your provider. If both don’t work, you should find another provider.

Final note

Improving your WiFi network may seem like a daunting task that should only be left to professionals. But that isn’t the case most of the time. Applying the tips stated above may help solve your issue.

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