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Tips On How To Personalize Your Website

Research has shown that 40 percent of consumers buy more from those who personalize their shopping experience, and up to 74 percent of online consumers get frustrated with websites when the displayed content has nothing to do with their interest.


To personalize your website you have to take into consideration the fact that users have different devices, motivations, times and locations constraints.

There are quite a number of low-cost options available that you can use to personalize your website.

To increase conversion through basic website personalization you need to understand that a first-time visitor to a website will always be looking for different information than someone visiting the site regularly.


You should therefore track each user differently to give different user experiences. For returning visitors, you can use cookies to direct them to the most appropriate and relevant pages.

To convert first time visitors to buyers, include your phone number or business address. You also need to use a contact form to capture leads or a video tutorial to explain your product or service.

Also, consider adding a spot to sign up for mailing list or add information about new products or services.


Another important factor is to know the physical location of your target customers. The ability to know where someone is at the time they visit your website is very important for your marketing efforts.

For a business like a restaurant, you can include an OpenTable button to reserve a table. For other businesses there is Google Map app that can provide step-by-step directions to your store location. This is very critical for conversion.


Last but not least, you need to keep your content fresh so that visitors are not fed on stale information. Remember to update your website with the most current information, and don’t forget holidays and/or special occasions that your can use to promote your products or services by offering discounts.


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