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Tips on using SlideShare for marketing and generating leads

SlideShare is a platform where you can upload your webinar or workshop slides. As a content marketing social site, it can optimize your company’s information and generate qualified leads.


SlideShare users don’t spend a lot of time looking for customers like Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest or Twitter users. They face less competition for their viewers’ attention.

If you have not been using SlideShare, you need to add it straight away as part of your marketing strategy.


After that you need to create sharable presentations. To do this, decide the number of slides you want then use the available programs like Power Point to help you set up your slide deck.

Effective slides should speak for themselves. Use powerful images with only little text.


Choose fonts that are attractive for the text that you include. You slides should appear as if they are telling a story; there should be a beginning, a middle and an end.

But how do you get qualified leads after creating and uploading your presentations to SlideShare? First, you need to ensure that you set up a lead generation form. There is an option to embed a very interactive pop-up form at the end of your presentation.


Set this up for users to enter their information to download your slides or to get connected to your company (Or to do both).

Secondly, add clickable links. It is not possible to add clickable links on the first three pages of your presentation, so do this on any other slide after the third one.

To optimize your SlideShare so as to get more traffic, you can use your keyword or phrase in the title of your presentation. This will help your content to get found in SlideShare and at the same time help your presentation to get indexed in a Google search.


Also you need to use tags that are relevant to your presentation and include correct categories that fit your presentation.

Last but not least, set up your presentation for sharing; the more your presentations are shared the more you will get qualified leads.

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