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Tools to improve your website visitor engagement

Statistics show that quite a number of business owners do not use social media because they feel it is not important to their business.

True, there are some businesses that do well without a website, but you can imagine how much better they could be doing if they took their time to create one.

A well thought-out website that is designed to engage, inform and convert audience is a very powerful tool in business.

A website will help you in the following areas;

(a) It will make you visible
Many customers search online before they purchase offline. They type their problems and the search engines help them to find solutions. If you have a website, customers will easily find you.

(b) Improve your ranking
By using search engine optimization techniques, you can ensure that your site shows up on top of other sites whenever a search is made. You need to create optimized content, create brands that customers want to engage with and build relevant links.

(c) As a sales tool
A website allows you to address your customers’ concerns. It is therefore a very powerful sales tool. You can use your website to build confidence in your brand and give customers all the buying information that they need including incentives.

(d) Building authority
Your website and your web presence is what customers nowadays look for when they search for solutions. A stable and dedicated website shows that your business is also stable.

(e) Building your e-mail list
A website will help you collect e-mails easily and faster. Customers e-mails are very important for communication and for marketing especially of new products.

Having an amazing website is not enough if it lacks calls in action. A website should be designed such that the clients can easily figure out what to click on to contact you.

When someone visits our site, it is obvious they will be in need of something from you and very fast. If your website can not assist them as soon as they want, they will move to other sites, and that is a business opportunity lost.

There are many tools that you can use to improve your website so as to engage visitors; among them are the following;

This is an all-in-one communication platform that easily integrates into your website, helping you to make initial connection and keeping it going.

It offers appointment scheduling, interactive contact forms, payment tools and templates, lead generation and management.

The subscription fee ranges from $9.95 to $34.9 per month depending on how many vCita products you use.

vCita can easily integrate with your Facebook page, website, e-mail, or for constant contact users.

This allows online customers to book for an appointment and pay for products and services a website. Its monthly subscription fee range from $16 to $200 per month depending on the products you use.

These call-to-action tools are important for your business. apart from generating leads, they also provide insights into which content they are most interested in, where you aare losing them, where they are coming from, and many more.

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