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Torrentz Shut Down; Which are the Alternatives for you?

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Last Updated: Aug 12, 2016

One of the meta-search engines of this generation has bid farewell to its loyal subscribers and users. Torrentz has been a dedicated provider of digital content for over a decade now and the abrupt closure of the site alongside all of its domains comes as a big surprise to many. An attempt to access the website displays a message explaining how Torrentz was a reliable search engine capable of consolidating results from other search engines, into a single place for surfers to find. As for members who had accounts with the website, an attempt to log into the site displays a similar farewell message. This abrupt shutdown of one of the most popular torrentz engine comes as a surprise mainly because of the Alexa rank of 186 that it had achieved.

The shutdown is inclusive of all its registered domains, which includes the .me, .in and the .ch extensions. This is just an addition to the growing list of torrents sites closing down business following Kick Ass Torrents leaving vacancies in the world of piracy. However, there are still certain sites that are functional and can step up to offer the same services that Torrentz was offering its subscribers.

1. The Pirate Bay (TPB)

This site offers an endless list of digital entertainment media content. It provides users with magnet links from which they can download files. Similarly users can contribute those magnet links in a way that facilitates peer-to-peer file transfer. Magnet links are reference locations available for local download over a peer-to-peer platform which when clicked automatically downloads the referenced file. However it is important to note that the download can only occur for those who have the Bit Torrent application. The torrent files in this website are grouped into categories such as video or applications amongst others.

2. IsoHunt


Just like the pirate bay, isoHunt is also a large library of torrent files from where subscribers can download or upload a lot of digital media content. IsoHunt previously existed prior to its foreclosure following its wrangles with Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA). As at the moment the site operates exclusively as a separate entity from its previous predecessor and as such is not related at all to them.


This is another torrents file provider. The site also provides magnet links from which users can download digital content. It was formed in 2005 and since then has ceased to exist following the takeover by EZ cloud ltd.

4. Mininova

This is also a website offering torrent file downloads of copyrighted material. It was formed in 2005 and has been and is still in operation eleven years on. This was following the closure of a similar website It is based in the Netherlands.

5. Lime Torrents

Lime Torrents

Lime Torrents is another source of legitimate torrent files be it movies, audio, games or applications. This site has a list of duplicated torrents online, from which it picks the best torrent link. It is therefore upon the user to give it a preference and it will choose the best torrent link by default. The sites interface is simple to comprehend and user friendly just like the above mentioned sites.


This website operates just like the pirate bay where it provides its users with magnet links to files that they can share over a peer-to-peer platform. Again the sharing of files is limited to those who already have BitTorrent. This site was launched in 2008 and since then has had a good Alexa ranking making it one of the most common torrent websites. It is important however to note that the website cannot be accessed when you are situated in the UK, Saudi Arabia, Portugal or Denmark. It has been blocked in these countries.

7. Demonoid

This is another common torrents file downloader website that features file sharing platforms. Other than the fact that this site undergoes occasional periods of down speeds due to intermittent movement of the servers, it is a reliable website to consider when it comes to torrent file downloads. The Demonoid website has RSS with separate feeds for each of its torrent file listings. Demonoid is one of the few sites that prohibit torrent links to malicious sites as well as blue movies.

8. Bit Snoop

Bit Snoop

This is another torrent file download website that resembles the other torrent indexers with files assorted according to leechers, seeders and memory size. Perhaps the most unique feature of this site is the use of tracker match that removes duplicate links from the selected torrent links. This removes junk from the URLs to which the torrent link is pasted. The tracker Mark enables the user to connect to many peers while removing trackers, those are similar and refer to the same Torrent files. Bit Snoop come particularly handy when you have come across a dead tracker on other search engines; it can retrieve the hidden file thought the use of its tracker Mark feature.

9. BTDigg

This site has a search engine of the Bit Torrent protocol. It evaluates DHT networks while providing a search over all the active torrents. This is to say that BTDigg does not have contents of its own but instead collects it from other torrents sites through magnet links.


With the down and possibly for good, there is no reason not to continue enjoying downloading using torrent links. The above sites offer the same services as far as downloading torrent files is concerned. Just make sure you choose a site that can download easily without a lot of bottlenecks.

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