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Twitter launches password-free login option

On Tuesday Twitter announced the launch of its new service called Digits which is aimed at application developers who are looking for a simpler login option for their mobile applications.

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This password-free login option is one of the many new products that Twitter announced Tuesday. Some of them included Fabric, MoPub and Crashlytics.

At the annual Twitter development called Flight, it also took the chance to apologize to the developer community for what it termed as pushing them and their ideas away as it tried to reassert control over its product and platform.

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Digits is a timely offering following the explosion of messaging apps that saw high=profile acquisition of Whatsup by Facebook and the current trend towards anonymous and simpler messaging.

Digits is different from what we are used to in the web. Rather that relying on the creation of a user name and password, users will only use their mobile numbers as the sign up and authentication mechanism.

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The app will verify they are in possession of the phone number entered by sending an SMS-based confirmation code.

Through Digits, Twitter is providing a tool that can handle this process on behalf of developers’ apps and even for those who are outside of the messaging space.

Digits provides the initial login screen where users can type in their phone number, it then handles sending the SMS confirmation code.

initial login screen

The process is great on mobile this is because a user name and a password combination is a bit of old-fashioned and for the fact that in developing regions, smartphones are used more and many users don’t have email addresses to use as their ‘username’ or logon ID, but they do have phone numbers which are also easier to remember than usernames and passwords.

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