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Using Twitter for marketing

Twitter is a very powerful marketing tool that you should not overlook when you are in business. If you are not using Twitter right now to connect with your customers, you need to reconsider.

So many people actively use Twitter and considering it as one of your marketing tools is a wise idea.

To use Twitter to boost your marketing effort you may need to consider the following:

Using the hashtag
Hashtags are used to start and track conversations. You need to be very smart in using your hashtags; don’t just use them on any string of words but use them on words that are related to the conversation and those that people can search for. Conversations with hashtags sometimes become so popular such that they begin trending.
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Using the @ symbol
This symbol can make a big difference in the delivery and meaning of your tweet depending on where you place it. The symbol notes the beginning of a user’s Twitter handle, you use it when you want to mention someone or draw their attention to your tweet.

If you use the reply button without including the @ symbol, only people who are following you or following that person you are replying to will see you tweet.

Patience pays
building a following takes time unless you are a well known figure or a celebrity. Do not expect your first tweets to go viral.
To build a following you can start by replying to, favoring and retweeting other people’s tweets.
And while doing this ensure that you go only for valuable tweets not any tweet that you stumble upon.

It is quality that matters not quantity
To keep your followers engaged, you need to tweet regularly but your tweets must be of high quality that is when your followers will want to come back for more. Someone might unfollow you if they notice that your tweets are always of poor quality.

So you need to ensure that what you’re tweeting is informative, interesting and helpful so as improve your followers’ lives.
And while tweeting don’t do it when your followers aren’t on Twitter. You need to tweet when your followers are there so they can read and possibly respond to your tweets.

The best tweeting time is between 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. local time. If you tweet a lot at night, the tweets may end up not being noticed by your followers.
Include pictures and video
You need to be creative so as to make people notice and to be interested in your tweets. Twitter Vine allows users to create short 6 second videos which they can share. Using pictures and video also add fun to your posts and can help your follower to see how your product looks.

Be engaging in your responses
Try to retweet. Pay attention to what other people are tweeting and to the people who reply to or retweet your own tweets. Respond when necessary, and ensure that your responses are engaging enough to make your follower to be interested in continuing with the discussion.

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