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Want to publish on LinkedIn? Consider the following tips

LinkedIn revamped its platform to help those who may want to publish their work. It is exclusively focused on professional B2B and B2C activities and connections.


If you want to publish successfully on LinkedIn, here are some tips for you:

Tell people what you know
Help people to get better and more proficient by telling what you know about business and your unique experiences. Doing this will also boost you own profile.


Ensure that you content support your network

You need to know the composition of you network them provide content that help them. Your network can be composed of CEOs, sales reps, managers or even new hires. By writing what is relevant to your audience, you will build a very strong network.


Be unique

Every individual has his/her unique traits. Exploit your own traits that can make you stand apart from the crowd. If you try to do what everybody else does, you will never get noticed.


Use picture and video to enhance your content

As the saying goes, a picture speaks more than a thousand words. Using video, images, charts, infographics and surveys will definitely attract people to you profile. The visuals will keep the readers engaged and at the same time fully understand your message.

Share advice from your own experiences

By doing this you audience will easily relate with you. You may be surprised that some of them had had similar experience as you and this may end up into a very fruitful discussion. If you have had an experience about a particular vendor, company or individual that is positive you can share it with others.


Share the trends that you see in our industry

You can give helpful tips and advice on the way things are moving in your industry. This way you will make some who are not very exposed to keep visiting your profile to get the current trends.

You also need to choose captivating headlines, use humour and share problem that have been solved plus the techniques that were used to solve them.


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