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What Is Criminology and Why Study It?

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Last Updated: Nov 8, 2021

If you’re thinking of taking a degree in the near future, you’ll be happy to know that there are hundreds of options for interesting areas of study, and one of the most interesting degrees you can take is the study of criminology.

Criminology is the study of the nature of crime and the criminal justice system, of how crime is investigated and prosecuted, of how criminals are dealt with, and of how victims are assisted in their recovery from crime. Criminology allows you to learn about many different aspects of criminal justice in a specialized study that might not readily be discovered elsewhere.

In addition, you’ll get a better understanding of the issues facing communities and entire societies which have been affected by crime.

Why Study Criminology?

A degree in criminology can provide insight into both your academic career as well as your professional future. This area of study can be a useful tool for monitoring current trends in philosophy, politics, sociology, and law.

The study of criminology can be beneficial to anyone who is interested in understanding crime and how it is investigated and handled on a personal level.

Whether you are a high schooler preparing for college or an adult who wants to get a better grasp on criminal justice, criminology can open your eyes to the reality of what crime is all about.

Preparing for Your Career

If you want to prepare for a career in law enforcement, you need an understanding of the laws that are being broken, an understanding of the issues surrounding human behavior, and an ability to understand how criminals are being dealt with.

A degree in Criminology will provide you with all these things as well as the scope of what you’ll learn about criminal activities today.

If you want to prepare for a job in a law enforcement agency, you’ll need to have a firm understanding of the laws being broken and how this is being prevented or resolved.

Criminology can allow you to understand the terminology used in the police force as well as how crimes are detected and solved.

You’ll find this level of understanding extremely rewarding as it can give you insight into your future career as well as general interests.

In addition, criminology will provide you with an overview of others who have been affected by crime, giving you a very valuable perspective on crime.

What Careers Are Possible with a Criminology Degree?

It is important to note that you do not have to go into law enforcement to get a job in the criminal justice field. There are many other occupations that can be started with a criminology degree, both inside and outside of law enforcement.

If you want a career in academia, you’ll find that you have an advantage over other applicants because of the breadth of knowledge provided by your degree.

In addition, your degree can make it easier for you to move forward in your academic career as well as get a better grasp on possible career options. You will learn about many different areas of study and can get a better understanding of what you want from your studies.

Criminology can benefit many different areas of life because it can give you insight into the criminal justice system and the psychology of criminals.

If you want to know more about law enforcement, you’ll find that criminology will also be beneficial in this area. You’ll learn about human behavior in general and how this relates to criminals in order to provide a better understanding of how these crimes are taking place.

You’ll achieve a better grasp on how police work is accomplished and why things may happen the way they do when it comes to investigating crimes or solving them. You’ll also learn more about your job as well as increase your understanding of law enforcement in general because of your studies.

The Psychology of Crime

Students studying criminology are not just learning about crime; they are learning about the psychology behind criminal behavior and what turns people into criminals.

Criminology will provide you with insight into this area of study. By the time you complete your degree, you’ll have an understanding of how individuals get past impulsive thoughts and move towards criminal actions.

In addition, you’ll have a better understanding of what criminologists believe within their studies, as well as being able to apply this to your own life and the lives around you.

If you want to prepare for a career in law enforcement, you’ll need a better understanding of human behavior and how it relates to crimes being committed. You’ll also need a detailed knowledge of what’s going on within crime scenes since there are many details that can be overlooked during a crime investigation.

The Social Impact of Crime

Most criminology courses also cover the social impact of crime, including the ways crime affects victims and their families, as well as how schools, businesses, and communities are affected by criminal behavior.

Since you’ll be learning about the social impact of crime, you’ll have a better understanding of how other people are affected by crime and how to address these problems.

This will help prepare you for a career in law enforcement since an important part of your job is assisting victims and families at every level.

Are Criminology Degrees Difficult?

The study of criminology is not difficult when it comes to your day-to-day coursework. You will be required to take many different classes that will allow you to learn about many different aspects of criminal justice.

It may be difficult when it comes to the workload required in order to complete your degree in a timely manner, but this depends on how seriously you take the class and how much time you put into studying and completing assignments on time.

Many students find that criminology is easier than other classes because they find the material interesting and relevant. By taking an active role in your education, you’ll find that there is very little difficulty when it comes to completing these courses.

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