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XNSPY: World’s Most Advanced Cell Phone Spy Software

Nevertheless we find ourselves in awe and desperation when it comes to monitoring. So much for the parental monitoring clichés and employee monitoring breakdowns. But do we actually have anything that can save us from the trouble of unmonitored devices at our workplace and home? Decide for yourself by the end of this review on mobile spy app XNSPY.

Pursuing reality is something that XNSPY has done it for us in the smartphone monitoring spectrum, I must say! You can’t know what the app is all about without going through its features. Take a look:

  • Phone Logs Tracker: This is something that every parent or employer would want for their cell phone monitoring app. XNSPY can let their users access phone logs like calls, SMS, emails, internet browsing history, calendar entries and even contacts.
  • IM Chats Tracker: This app also lets you monitor IM chats from apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, Line, iMessage, Skye and Kik. The wide range of apps tracking let employers and parents keep a complete check on the online activities of their target users.
  • GPS Tracker: GPS tracking devices are basic ancillary for any business to monitor their off-the-site workers like drivers and the employees working from home. Employers can make sure that their employees are not wandering across streets during office hours. For parents, XNSPY is a great sigh of relief as it can obtain real-time location of the target user. It also keeps logs of the previously visited locations.
  • A Unified Dashboard: With XNSPY, monitor all your smartphone devices using this unified all-in-one control panel. All of the XNSPY features, settings and changes can be made from this dashboard.
  • Remote Control: XNSPY is more than just spying on someone’ phone from a remote dashboard, it can control the target device to some point. E.g. the lock button on the Remote control feature of the app can lock the target device anytime, anywhere. It can also delete phone storage remotely in case the phone is lost or stolen.

Providing extensive features and performance, XNSPY mobile spy app is definitely an app worth a try for every business manager or a parent. It’s affordable, starting at $8.33/month for the basic edition. The premium edition however, provides a wider bracket of features and is available for use at a price starting from $12.49/month.

The app is available for iOS and Android devices for now. XNSPY team is working to bring the app to other platforms too very soon. So all the WP and Blackberry owners may have to wait a bit.

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