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Yik Yak App Gains Notoriety In High Schools

As we move to a more anonymous time on the Internet, apps like SnapChat and Twitter are becoming a more powerful resource for younger audiences, who want to post and show things without dealing with the consequences.

SnapChat has really opened up this resource, allowing users to post pictures to one or many friends for a few seconds, before it gets wiped. This trend has continued to grow and it looks like Yik Yak is the next app to take advantage of anonymous use and large young audiences.

The Yik Yak app is a social hub for 500 nearby users to join a chat room, everyone is anonymous and no photos can be posted. People in the rooms can use less than 200 characters and it looks to be the new attraction for people in schools.

The app has already gained notoriety, as it allows people to post hate and scare people without revealing their identity. Plenty of schools are now aware of the app and it has even lead to some security scares, when someone posted a bomb was in the school, leading to a full lock-down.

Obviously, the design of Yik Yak allows users to be less fearful of getting caught out and the developers behind the app show no intent to reveal information on the users. This means while all the spam on the chat may be informal, it could still lead to hate and bullying.

Yik Yak may or may not go viral worldwide, it already has a couple of hundred thousand users and that could jump to millions in the next few months, the app is currently four months old. Considering trends seem to start with news, Yik Yak is already picking up a lot of attention online as the next big thing.

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