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Yo adds new features to iOS version 1.1

For people who enjoy typing out a good few sentences to friends, Yo might look like an odd and pointless experience, but it has fast become the new messaging app to hit iOS and start generating thousands of downloads.

In version 1.1, the team behind Yo have added some functionality, but not enough to really amount to any big change in the messaging app. Users will still talk to their friends by “Yo”, but now users can attach links to the message.

Users can add links onto messages provided they are on the clipboard. Another new feature allows users to Yo a hashtag, all of the hashtag’s currently Yo’d are available on the JustYo┬átrending page.


Yo is still a very young app, but it is starting to become clear that the developers want to make a collection of notifications, instead of simply typing out the message. This could reward more engaging conversation about current events in the world.

The whole basis of the app is to simply inform someone you are willing to chat, after it is sent the users will talk on another application. It really brings into question why anyone would use this for anyone longer than five seconds.

People did say the same thing about Twitter when the 140 character restriction came into place, forcing shorter sentences and quick, top the point updates. Yo does feel on a whole new level of restrictive, but this may change with updates.

Yo is currently valued at around $10 million, according to app analysts. This is quite the feat, considering the app has rather low return rates on users and no current revenue, working purely from investment.

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