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Yo Updates – So It’s No Longer Just a One-Word Messaging App

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Last Updated: Jan 18, 2016

There are very many messaging apps out there varying in simplicity and even the number of words they can accommodate.

Yo was a messaging app that was simplest. In fact it was dubbed absurdly and ridiculously simple. This is because it let users send only a single word “yo” to another user.


It came with very interesting terms. For example, if you yo-ed someone, they could yo you back. So it was yo-ing and being yo-ed.

The app’s interface was very simple. It displayed a list of those who yo-ed you recently with the most recent one on top. That was all.

It was more or less like the “poke” on Facebook, where you can “poke” someone and they can “poke” you back without being able to say anything.

But yo is changing. Yo is growing up, boosted by its recent $10 million valuation and $1.5 million in seed funding. This is quite unimaginable for a startup that looked so simple such that not many people took it seriously.


It has been driven towards feature creep by a huge number of yo clones and it has now released an update (v1.1.0) to its iOS app. This has introduced many new features among them the ability to send more than just one word.

That will now make it a fully-fledged messaging app that will play in the same league as others that are already in the market.

This update is a clear focus on marketing since the way it was, yo was more or less a ‘dumb’ app. The ability to use it to send more than one word will open it up to the people who were not using it before, and as would be expected this will automatically lead to an increase in its networth over time.

“This version shows the real power of the Yo platform which is, at its most basic, a two-way communication platform between people, websites, brands, businesses and virtually anything that can connect to the internet,” writes Or Arbel, the founder in a Medium post announcing this update.

What’s more? A URL can now be attached to a yo so the sender will get both ping and point their recipient to a webpage of their choice. Links will be attached to yos by having them in the user’s clipboard and long pressing on the recipient’s username.


This is a very interesting marketing strategy since it will turn the attention of the users to the content via a medium of a yo; shows just how people can think out of the box.

“News websites can now offer not only getting instant Yo notifications when a story breaks, but also attach the story itself and readers can open it in a frictionless and convenient way,” writes Arbel.
As one writer put it, “Yo is looking to become a platform for branded n(y)otifications.”

Yo will also allow users to add their photos and names and browse and find new yo services and even use hashtags.These utilities are meant to bring it at per with other mainstream messenger apps.

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