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You can collect emails without using a website!

Building an email list is very important for any business. It is usually done through a web site. VerticalResponse has changed this. It provides an opportunity for businesses to collect emails without necessarily using web sites.
VerticalResponse, Inc. is well known by small business owners and entrepreneurs, for providing email marketing solutions. They have recently announced that they are to improve their marketing platform by including hosted sign up pages that are customized.

VerticalResponse has put a smile on their customers’ faces with the new free sign up pages to the new and existing customers with list up to 1,000 subscribers. With this new feature customers will be able to collect new subscribers for their email list and it also includes setting up a web form.

VerticalResponse will host every new web form that you will create; this will enable you to utilize the new feature even if you currently don’t have a website.
This feature is perfect for business owners who are currently planning to launch a new site. It also suits those who are out to test new trends.

Every new web form that you create has its own distinctive URL which you can use to share on social media, others sites or email. There are 12 templates offered by VerticalResponse that one can use to create customized sign up forms.

The company also assures its customer that they are set to release more fascinating templates. Due to the fact that visitors use different kinds of devices to sign up, VerticalResponse has made the forms mobile user friendly. This means you can sing up using a smartphone, tablet, laptop or any other device.
There is also a “Thank You”page where people who subscribe to your list are directed to. You can customize the page so that it matches your marque. If you don’t feel like using the “Thank You” page, you have an option of redirecting your subscribers to a URL of your choice.

To ensure that the quality of the subscriber base is high enough, all subscribers must complete a double opt-in process. To ensure that all new subscribers have signed up to the exact list, the will receive a verification email.

Furthermore, the subscriber is given the option of choosing which particular list(s) he or she would like to subscribe to, that is if you have multiple list. “I think the biggest advantage to the feature is that everything is done for you,” said Connie Moyle, the head of public relations at VerticalResponse.

A test carried by setting up a setup page revealed that it is a stress-free and a smooth procedure. In about ten minutes it was up and running and the users were able to sign up, create a new webform, get hold of a URL and customize the page. This prove that the new feature from VerticalResponse is quite easy to install and use.

In the past it was not an easy task to find the proper solution like one provided by the new VerticalResponse feature. It is now possible to collect emails without necessary having a site. This new service is unique and we anticipate more creative features in the near future.

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